Abortion activist throws pro-life signs off overpass

An abortion rights activist stole the signs of a pro-life group and then threw them over the highway overpass where the demonstration was held.

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Members of Protest ABQ were attacked on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 in Albuquerque, NM while conducting a peaceful overpass demonstration to educate the public about abortion.

The group uses posters of the abortion victims to show what abortion does to the unborn child in the womb.

“Protest ABQ conducts weekly overpass protests to peacefully expose the violence that abortion inflicts on pre-born children in the womb,” Bud Shaver, Executive Director of Protest ABQ told Life Dynamics.

It is not surprising that those who support and condone this barbaric act want to cover up their choice and violently lash out at those who are advocates for these defenseless children,” he said.

prochoice steals sign

According to the pro-life group, during the demonstration, a woman and her son began verbally berating members of Protest ABQ and then the woman proceeded to take down the signs and then threw them from the overpass. The incident was captured on video.

Prochoice woman throws prolife signs off highway overpass

The woman also grabbed the phone that was recording the incident and then threw it from the overpass!

The woman’s son can be heard on the video saying, “Look at that dead baby, somebody killed that…” but pro-lifers said that he followed the example of his mother and joined in the attack.

Prochoice throws signs off overpass

The pro-lifers contacted Albuquerque police but said that by the time police arrived on the scene the two perpetrators had fled the scene.

Shaver has vowed to pursue the charges to see that the mother/son pro-choice duo is brought to justice.

“However, while there is currently no justice for the children unjustly sentenced to death, Protest ABQ will not overlook unjust assaults against members of our peaceful protests, but we will pursue every legal recourse available to us,” he said.

Shaver is asking that if anyone recognizes the assailants to contact Tara Shaver at [email protected]

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  • I agree, that the pro-abortion hecklers should be sued, especially since they have been berating the pro-life movement without consequence for YEARS now. Pro-life people are being jailed for simply exercising their First Amendment rights, yet these pro-abortion thieves and terrorists could throw down another person’s SIGNS, against another person’s will, and even beat up pro-lifers repeatedly (1,100 pro-abortion attacks, and several coerced abortions against spouses, employees, etc.) . This is the true revelation of typical “medical” protocol, for this demonic infanticide. I can’t wait, until they have a case against them.

    Comment by Brittany Green on July 2, 2015 at 2:37 pm

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