Abortion advocate arrested after throwing paint on pro-life signs

A pro-choice man has been arrested after throwing paint on pro-life signs being held by members of Canada’s ‘Show the Truth’ pro-life organization.

SHow the truth Canada

About 50 pro-lifers held signs containing the images of abortion victims in downtown Kingston earlier this week when they were met by pro-choice activists.

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A local media outlet reported what happened next:

Members of the pro-life group defended the use of the graphic signs, “We feel that the best way to show people what abortion really is – is to show what it looks like,” said Isaac Longworth who attended the demonstration.

Show the truth abortion

We have the right to show dismembered, executed children,” said Rosemary Connell, a co-ordinator for Show the Truth after the assault.

“That’s the good thing about Canada. You can show the truth on the sidewalk.

Show the truth abortion sign

“This is private property, and you can’t destroy someone else’s private property, ” she stated.

Watch news vid here.

Show the truth abortion Black sign

Police charged the pro-choice man with mischief of property.

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  • Human beings have an innate inclination to imitate what we see; this is especially true for children. Of course, we hope that the good behaviors which we have as models are followed. With this perspective, I would like to address the concern over graphic pictures of abortion by first pointing out the graphic violence that is in the media. Since the actions shown are modelled by fellow human beings, there is a strong tendency for repeating the violence as observed—particularly by children. Parents should be very concerned about the effect of this type of violence on their children.

    Photographs of aborted babies, on the other hand, do not send a message of violence other than the violence done to the child shown in the picture. The act of violence is not there to imitate; in fact, one feels repelled from the results of this violence. How is it that people find pictures of abortion shocking, but not so for the act itself? It is regrettable that children may see a dead baby. In such a case, parents can assure them of their love, and even turn this into a positive experience.

    If a child is exposed to a picture of an aborted baby, parents can make it into a teachable moment by explaining—in an age-appropriate way—why the pictures are being shown. If done in a loving way, this will foster compassion for vulnerable human beings like babies in their mother’s wombs who are barbarically abused. Additionally, it can be pointed out from experience that showing pictures of injustices of the past has effectively stopped them. One appropriate example in this regard here involves child labour. Showing the truth of abortion should stir people into stopping this killing—human beings are being killed: WAKE UP CANADA!

    Comment by Vito Norejko on July 9, 2015 at 12:46 pm

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