Abortion advocates censor Black Lives Matter protest outside Planned Parenthood

Radical communist protesters tried to censor a Black Lives Matter demonstration outside Planned Parenthood which targets the African American community with abortion.

Black Lives Matter planned parenthood protest2

Pro-life protesters carrying the Black Lives Matter posters were greeted by the local communist group in Austin.

Black Lives Matter planned parenthood protest

Censorship 5

The Planned Parenthood protest was organized by InfoWars to draw attention to the number of Black babies killed by abortion.

Black Lives Matter planned parenthood protest 3

Editor at large for InfoWars, Paul Joseph Watson, who attended the protest, reported on Twitter that the Red Guards Austin, which describe themselves as, “a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective of community organizers,” aggressively attempted to censor pro-life advocates.

Planned Parenthood communists

Writing for InfoWars, Watson described the event this way, “A shocking illustration how truly intolerant self-proclaimed “tolerant liberals” really are occurred today in Austin, Texas when pro-abortion agitators from a group called ‘Red Guard’ attempted to physically censor the free speech of pro-life advocates before attacking recording equipment during an Infowars live stream of the demonstration.”

Planned Parenthood communists2

“The peaceful pro-life event was soon hijacked by spiteful, angry leftists who, instead of respecting the First Amendment and conducting their own parallel protest, chose to physically block signs being held up by pro-life activists with rudimentary pieces of cardboard and paper,” Watson wrote.

Censorship 5

COmmunists block black lives matter planned parenthood2

It is no surprise that pro-choice advocates would want to censor this important message. The last thing abortion supporters would want is for word to get out that Planned Parenthood would want to exterminate the Black race.

Video of the protest is below and additional videos have been uploaded to the Alex Jones USTream page here.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Life Dynamics has exposed how Planned Parenthood targets the Black community with eugenic abortions in their documentary film, Maafa21, which can be viewed online here.


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  • I feel for any women (Black, white, asian. Mexican) having to go through any aboration is very hard on your soul. Knowing it is a living child that will be killed is the hardest thing to face!

    Comment by Lynn A. McBride on May 21, 2015 at 10:28 pm

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