Abortion group NARAL says being for abortion is good parenting

Abortion rights group NARAL is tweeting pictures of pregnant pro-choice supporters claiming that supporting abortion is good parenting.

Details come from the blog Saynsumthn, who originally published the story:

The other day I blogged about NARAL’s obnoxious tweet, “Being pro-choice *is* fundamentally about *parenting!”

NARAL Prochoice parenting

It followed news that their president, Ilyse Hogue, announced that she was pregnant with twins, and they are now trying to prove that women who support the right to kill a child in the womb are also “good parents.”

Hogue NARAL pregnant twins

To do this they have created the hashtag #ProchoiceParents.

NARAL Prochoice parent




They even posted this pic of abortionist Pratima Gupta – pregnant:

Pratima Gupta

Abortionist Pregnant

Along with a tumblr page where Maureen Shaw writes, “Motherhood strengthens my prochoice resolve!


Not to be outdone by Planned Parenthood ex-employee, Jen Levine-Fried, who writes, “I worked for Planned Parenthood for nearly five years, and served on the Board of the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund for six, but nothing strengthened my commitment to being pro-choice like pregnancy and parenting. Pregnancy is HARD, and parenting is even harder. No one should go through either of those things without choosing it.”

Jen Planned Parenthood

To help make NARAL’s #ProChoiceParents hashtag go viral Saynsumthn offered a few suggestions that pro-lifers can tweet to that hashtag which Life Dynamics will spare you from viewing.

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The blog basically suggested showing the abortion supporters what Pro-Choice Parents supported i.e. the graphic images of the abortion victims.

Life Dynamics’
website www.100abortionpictures.com offers quite a selection of those images if you care to use them.


The abortion lobby believes Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL’s pregnancy announcement is, “confounding anti-choice activists.”

And Saynsunthn replied:

People of Choice PLA Header Known by company you keep POC

Visit the Life Dynamics website www.peopleofchoice.com for more eye opening and bizarre beliefs of abortion advocates.

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