Abortionist claims he is a pro-choice Christian; pro-life leader calls it a lie

Abortionist Willie Parker, who aborts unborn babies in Mississippi, along with other so-called “faith leaders,” has organized an event in Texas to push the lie that you can be a pro-choice Christian.

The gathering of heretics will take place at Austin’s Temple Beth Shalom on March 10th, where the abortionist and his cohorts plan to launch a new statewide campaign in support of access to abortion, reports the Austin Chronicle, in their piece called, “Abortions in the Name of God.”

Willie Parker Abortion God

In the paper’s announcement complete with event links and locations, Parker says that he performs abortions because he is a Christian, not despite it.

It’s not mutually exclusive to do the work that I do and hold the values that I hols,” Parker told the Chronicle in a recent phone interview. “The Bible tells us to love our neighbors with all our strength. Neighbors also mean struggling women who are going through times that are very complicated for them.

Parker who says it is racist to not perform abortions on Black women recently told Princeton students, “We have to get over the love affair with fetuses and love women and children.”

The abortion doctor has also called killing unborn babies in the womb, “his ministry” and a “sacred decision” and told the paper that he was once a Baptist preacher in his teenager years.

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The event page on Facebook reads, “Join us for an inspiring service for people of all faiths and goodwill to reflect on and affirm our shared commitment to reproductive justice.”

“Reproductive justice” is code for abortion on demand.

The website for the heretical conference says:

Just Texas religion clergy abortion

The event, is co-sponsored by abortion groups such as Texas Freedom Network, Religious Institute, Catholics for Choice, Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry, and National Council of Jewish Women, and will be preceded by an advocacy training session at the First United Methodist Church’s Family Life Center.

Mark Crutcher LIfe Talk Feb 2015

Pro-life leader, Mark Crutcher, called Parker and his associates liars for calling themselves “Christian.”

Crutcher, president of the pro-life group, Life Dynamics, Inc., located in Denton Texas and host of the pro-life TV show, Life Talk, said this about the idea of pro-choice Christians, “A Christian cannot be pro-choice about the intentional destruction of an innocent human life any more than they can be pro-choice about rape or robbery or slavery or incest child abuse etc.”

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

Crutcher said that pro-choice Christians don’t exist.

Christian doctrine clearly asserts that God is the author of life and that He is incapable of making mistakes. From these foundational beliefs, the only logical conclusion one can draw, is that when life exists in the womb it is God’s will that it be there,” he says.

Crutcher said that Parker’s support of legal abortion denies these realities and by definition it is incompatible with Christian belief.

Crutcher pointed out that those who claim to be both pro-choice and Christian are basically saying three things:

From a Christian perspective, all three of these are absurd,” Crutcher explained.

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