Abortionist with sordid history ‘not practicing’ pending investigation

An Oklahoma abortionist is currently not practicing medicine pending an investigation by the medical board.

Weeks ago, Life Dynamics reported the arrest of Nareshkumar Patel, an Oklahoma City abortion doctor with a sordid history of sexual abuse and fraud.

Abortionist Patel Arrested Dec 2014

In early December, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt charged the 62-year-old abortionist with three counts of obtaining money under false pretense after improperly prescribing abortion-inducing drugs to patients he said were pregnant, but were not.

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Patel’s arrest follows a long list of lawsuits, botched abortions, sexual harassment and unprofessional conduct dating back a number of years.

In 1992, Patel was the focus of national news for burning 55 aborted children in a field near Shawnee.

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Years ago, Life Dynamics president Mark Crutcher, detailed Patel’s sexual abuse in his book on the abortion industry, Lime 5. You can read the graphic details here.

Despite Partel’s record, the state has allowed the abortion doctor to keep his medical license.

Now, although his status is still showing “active,” the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure, has indicated that Patel is not practicing medicine.

Patel Oklahoma Med Board no license

According to The Oklahoman, Patel has agreed not to practice medicine in the state pending an investigation by the board.

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In addition to the undercover sting which resulted in Patel’s arrest, at least eight other patients have come forward to talk about their experiences with Patel.

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