AG files motion to close last abortion clinic in Toledo

UPDATE JUNE 22,2015: According to Katherine Franklin, director of Communications for Ohio Right to Life, a judge has ruled to allow this abortion clinic to remain open.

In addition, Franklin told Life Dynamics that the clarification that abortion clinic not be further than 30 miles from the ambulatory surgical facility, originally proposed by the state’s legislature, was rescinded in order to pass the budget.

She is hopeful the state’s Attorney General will file an appeal to the judge’s decision.

Original story below:

The Attorney General of Ohio has filed a motion to expedite the closing of Toledo’s last abortion clinic which has been operating outside the law.

According to Ohio Right to Life, Attorney General Mike DeWine filed the motion with the Lucas County Common Pleas Court in an effort to expedite the closure of the Capital Care Network abortion clinic.

Facility Still Open After Being Order Closed Almost a Year Ago

This abortion clinic has operated outside of the law since the Ohio Department of Health ordered it closed.


State health officials ruled that the clinic was operating illegally because it failed to enter into a transfer agreement with a local hospital.

A transfer agreement means the hospital would accept clinic patients in case of an emergency during a procedure.

It’s unconscionable that this abortion clinic has been operating illegally for nearly a year now,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. “This order has been sitting on a judge’s desk for far too long while innocent babies die and women are endangered. We sincerely thank Mike DeWine for taking the lead by attempting to put an end to these delay tactics. The judicial branch should expedite this matter especially because innocent human lives are on the line.”

Unable to obtain a transfer agreement with a local hospital, Capital Care Network attempted to enter into a transfer agreement with an out-of-state hospital. Because the hospital is located over 50 miles away, the Department of Health ruled that it does not meet health and safety standards.

While the abortion clinic’s legal counsel argued that this out-of-state hospital met the “local” requirement of the law, a hearing examiner ruled a year ago this week that it did not meet the definition of “local.”

If these abortion clinics really cared about women’s health, they wouldn’t attempt to skirt the most basic health and safety standards that every other ambulatory surgical facility in the state abides by. With the force of Attorney General Mike DeWine weighing in on this significant breach of health and safety standards, we expect to see action on this case soon,” said Gonidakis

To read the motion that was filed today, click here.

In Texas, abortion clinics there are closing at record numbers after the state p[passed a law requiring that abortion facilities comply with the minimum health and safety standards adopted by the State for ambulatory surgical centers, and that abortionists have admitting privileges in a local hospital near an abortion clinic.

This week, the Ohio Senate Finance Committee voted to add a provision requiring that any clinic that provides abortions must have a transfer agreement with a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic.

[The amendment] defines what ‘local’ hospital means,” said Sen. Scott Oelslager (R., Canton), finance committee chairman.

It may not be further than 30 miles from the ambulatory surgical facility,” he told the Toledo Blade.

ChildPorn Headline Michaelis

Last year, Life Dynamics reported an abortion doctor with a history of sexually explicit crimes involving children, who performed abortions at Capital Care Network in Toledo, voluntarily surrendered his medical license after being indicted on federal charges of receiving and distributing child pornography.

Authorities accused 69 year-old abortionist Thomas William Michaelis of accessing websites containing depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

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Additional documents reveal that in 1991 Michaelis was sentenced to 15 months in prison after he admitted to sexually explicit crimes involving his teenage daughter’s friends.

In that case, Michaelis admitted to watching a minor girl partially undress, attempting to touch another minor girl on her bottom, and attempting to touch a third minor child on her breasts.

In addition, the abortionist exposed himself to a forth minor child. Despite the arrest Michaelis only served 60 days in jail and was eventually relicensed.

At the time of the arrest, the pro-life group, Operation Rescue called for the state to investigate Capital Care Network for possible abuse.

Read more here.

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