Ambulance called to Planned Parenthood for botched abortion

An ambulance has responded to an abortion clinic in Illinois after a botched procedure.

PP Aurora Ambulance

According to Pro-life Action League, which regularly counsels outside the Aurora Planned Parenthood in Chicago the botched abortion occurred on October 25, 2014.

The Pro-Life Action League obtained the audio of the 911 call through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

On the tape, you can hear the Planned Parenthood staffer request an ambulance for a patient who is hemorrhaging after an abortion procedure. Planned Parenthood then instructs the dispatcher to send the ambulance to their back entrance.

Earlier this year, another ambulance appeared at the Aurora Planned Parenthood facility.

Pro-life activists on site captured this January 18, 2014 incident on video and audio recordings of the 911 call and radio dispatch communications were later obtained.

Calls to this Planned Parenthood are not uncommon as has been documented by others.

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  • Neither the Pro Life Action League, nor the Aurora area offshoot Families against Planned Parenthood are there on a regular basis, unless you call once a month & and an occasional once a week regular. There are folks associated with both who come out to pray, picket and counsel, and they do I believe still try to fill a schedule for presence. Without prayer partners the regular counselors would be subject to arrest as Planned Killemgood is quite adept at telling lies.

    The second picture in your article is from the previously mentioned emergency response at the main entrance. This time they had the emergency respondents come to the employee entrance in the rear of the building where is is next to impossible, by design to get good photos/footage. But there is only one way out and that is the video footage shown above the other. I thank those involved in obtaining the 911 recording, I had assumed it had to do with excessive blood loss as the ambulance crew spent a long period inside the building, and once they had the victim loaded up they remained in the rear of the building for an extended period of time. I assumed was to get her further stabilized before they could safely transport her to the hospital

    Comment by Randy Means on November 21, 2014 at 4:23 pm

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