The Appointment a Mother’s Choice is a powerful pro-life short film

Under the threat of interrogation, a frightened woman is forced to make a choice, with a young man’s life hanging in the balance.

APT a mothers choice

That is the concept behind a short pro-life film called The Appointment a Mother’s Choice and produced by Juxtaposition Pictures!

The film stars, Michael Gier, Jason Collett and Rebeka Piñón Cassidy.

Cassidy was born in Mexico to a mother who did not have the means to care for her. Soon thereafter, she was adopted in the U.S. by a wonderful family with ten children, three of whom had also been adopted. They gave her a name, a loving home and a life where she was free to pursue her dreams.

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An “interrogator” acted out by Michael Gier and sitting on the opposite side of a table, tells Cassidy who is playing the young woman, “You have to do what is best for you.”

The film subtly mirrors the thought process of a woman seeking an abortion.

Jason Collett who is playing the role of the young man portraying her child is placed in another room. Collett yells that he can hear Cassidy discussing what she will do with him.

the Appointment child mother n

The “interrogator” says that hearing from the young man bound up behind glass would only complicate things.

He says “You are in control here- he is a parasite- he’s using you…You have all the power – one simple choice and you can make this stop.”

the Appointment child n

I am not someone to fear…Please, I’m not someone to fear, I’m not someone to fear,” the young man yells.

Suddenly…the scene changes… and the woman is sitting inside an abortion clinic, she grabs her stomach, “I just felt him,” she says.

the Appointment abortion clinic _n

Watch to find out what happens next!

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  • I would like to see an after credits segment with the older mom at her son’s wedding (the same young man in the room)!

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