Baby born at 24 weeks after mother refuses abortion

Born at 24 weeks gestation, Lily Forsyth weighed just 1lb 8oz – less than a bag of sugar. Lily almost did not survive because at 20 weeks doctors suggested abortion but her mother refused.

Lily at 6 months 61745985

At 19 weeks pregnant, Jodie Mcintyre’s water broke.

Lily was living without the waters and it was just so 
horrible,” she told Ediburgh News. “The doctors scanned her and they said she wasn’t going to make it and I would miscarry.”

At 20-weeks, Jodie says doctors suggested that she have an abortion as it fell within the 24-week legal limit in the UK.

But Jodie refused.

From the report:

Lily born 24 weeks 3581212677

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