Baby born a week before legal abortion limit in UK goes home for first time

The parent’s of a baby born born a week before the legal abortion limit can take their daughter home for the first time in her 6 months of life outside the womb.

Bella’s parents posted this happy image of them with their little girl today with good reason.

Bella and Parents 099939694477594_n

Their miracle baby Bella Davison is going home from the hospital today.

Bella was born a week before the legal abortion limit at 23 weeks in the UK, weighing just over 1lb – less than the average bag of sugar.

Now six-month-old parents Vicky Jackson and Graeme Davison are elated.

Bella Born less than 24 weeks gestation

“The day after Bella was born we were told she would not survive the night but she did and now she is home – it’s amazing,” Bella’s mom told the UK Mirror.

“It is great to see how well Bella’s doing as she looks like any other baby, and you would not know that she was premature, she is just a little miracle.

“Bella 100% wanted to be here and she has just dealt with everything, she has such a strong little character.”

Sadly doctors were unable to save Bella’s twin sister Sophia.

Bella 6 months FB Post

According to an October story on the couple published by the Mirror, the twins were born by Caesaran section at Wansbeck General Hospital four months before their due date.

Bella came out breathing on her own and was taken straight to the RVI, the Mirror reports, but Sophia suffered complications during the birth.

The nurse was crying as he whispered in my ear that they had done everything they could, but they couldn’t save her,” said Vicky.

We knew we had to stay strong for Bella and from day one our focus has been to get her home. Maybe then we will have time to grieve properly.”

It was two weeks before Vicky could hold Bella for the first time.

She is just our miracle,” she told the Chronicle Live, “On paper she is not ‘viable’, but she’s living, breathing proof that babies can survive from 23 weeks. I am so thankful that the doctors gave her a chance.”


Vicky believes the abortion limit in the UK should be lowered, “I think the abortion limit should be significantly lowered to 10 weeks unless there is a medical reason as to why it’s later,” Vicky said.

Bella is living proof that babies can survive at 23 weeks old. Perhaps 10 years ago it was completely different because there was not the medical advances that there are now to keep such premature babies alive, but things have moved on.

“I know people whose babies were born at 23 weeks and their children are now going to school, so it shows that in this day and age babies can survive.”

You can read more about Baby Bella at the Mirror here and here.

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