Big Sisters: this baby announcement reaction is a must see !

Baby announcement…Best reaction EVER!

This video going viral shows the excited reaction of sisters learning their mom is pregnant and underscores the pro-life message as the girls view a sonogram of the baby.

As the girls open a box which looks like one of those large decorated cookies they read, “big sister.”

Big Sister intro

With bewilderment they ask,”What does that mean?”

They quickly realize, ” Are you pregnant?” the girls ask their mom.

Their mom answers, “It’s true” and the excitement on the girl’s faces is unreal!

Sisters yell vid

Is it a boy or a girl?” one sister asks.

We don’t know,” you can hear the mother reply.

The mom then hands the one of the girls a sonogram picture of her baby sister in the womb:

Big Sister Sono

Both girls gather around and receive a glimpse of the humanity and miracle that is their baby sister:

Big Sister Sono 2

Their reaction to seeing the image of the unborn sister is tears and hugs and much joy !

OMG, I’m so happy,” said one of the girls, “It’s going to be really weird having another sibling,” she exclaimed.

Baby Sister vid hugs

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  • This moment of joy made my day, bringing back happy memories when I made the same announcement to my girls that a third little girl was on her way.

    Comment by Leticia Velasquez on November 12, 2014 at 7:10 pm
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