Creepy tape shows late term abortion doc George Tiller calling the baby the problem

In June of 2006, Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher, unveiled a secret orientation tape created by notorious late term abortionist George Tiller.

Mark Crutcher Troy Newman Life Talk Tiller Tape

In an episode of the pro-life TV show Life Talk TV, Crutcher discusses Tiller’s cold and calculating demeanor in the tape with Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman.

With fire ironically burning behind him, the late abortion doctor admits on camera, that he performed over 60,000 “terminations of pregnancy” with his expertise in “late term pregnancies.”

George Tiller abortionist tape

Throughout the tape, Tiller repeats, “the woman is the patient, the fetus is the problem” in an attempt to rationalize the killing and shifting the blame over to the woman.

Tiller called his method of killing babies through all nine months, “premature delivery of a small stillborn under twilight anesthesia…

Crutcher compared Tiller to Joseph Mengele of the Nazi death camps, calling him, “cold, detached and unemotional.”

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Crutcher then goes on to suggest Tiller’s tape was not made to educate women on his abortions but, “This was George Tiller doing two things. Rationalizing to himself what he does and shifting the blame over to the woman.”

The consistent theme in this video is the woman is the one who makes the decision,” Crutcher states.

Women need abortions I will do them George Tiller

On May 31, 2009, Tiller was shot and killed inside a Wichita, Kansas church where he was an usher.

Life Talk is a monthly TV show produced by Life Dynamics Inc.

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