Culture of death that allows abortion leads to genocide

The authors of a new book on how we can save our century point out that the culture of death that allows abortion also leads to genocide.

Suzanne Hamner has an interesting piece over at BarbWire about the book, which we have reproduced in part. A link to the full article is included.

Hamner writes,

Jones asserts that violence in the womb cannot help but spread out beyond the womb.

Co-author, Jason Jones tells CBN, “If we don’t see full legal protection for the human person, from the moment of biological beginning to natural death, you can expect your children or grandchildren to die in the gulag and die in the concentration camp.”

Jones and Zmirak believe that the same culture of death that leads to abortion also leads to, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and governments murdering their own citizens.

In their book, the authors point out that there are several basic principles for saving our century beginning with: accepting the infinite dignity and worth of every human person.

Race to Save our century principle

Life Dynamics documented in our film on the history of abortion, Maafa21, that child killing in the womb began with eugenics and has led to millions of unborn babies being slaughtered.

A great visual of just how many babies have been slaughtered by abortion is shown in the Life Dynamics film, Millions Dead:

What will our world look like if we fail to turn back this tide?

Read Hamner’s full article here.

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