Father forces abortion on raped daughter after he impregnates her

Steven Ertlet over at Life News has published a sad story about a father who raped his daughter and took her for an abortion.

Ertlet writes, “The pro-life movement has long pointed out that abortion is used to cover up cases of rape or incest and a horrific story out of Egypt proves the point.

“According to a local news report, police have arrested a father who reportedly raped and impregnated his daughter and then took her to an abortion clinic to force her to have an abortion. Following the forced abortion, the man’s brother reported him to authorities. Arabic language daily ‘Al Youm Al Sabei’ said the father fled and hid in another village.

The story published on an Emirates news site reports that the perpetrator was an Egyptian father who impregnated his 17-year-old daughter after raping her many times over the past months, before forcing her to have the abortion.

Even though this tragedy did not occur in the United States it still highlights an ever growing problem which Life Dynamics has documented several times, that the abortion industry will often protect child pedophiles.

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Life Dynamics has published sixty criminal case summaries which prove that abortion and Planned Parenthood centers violate state mandatory reporting laws and cover for child sexual predators.

Often these victims are repeatedly raped, sometimes for years, after the abortion or Planned Parenthood clinic returns them to their abusers.


We encourage everyone to share this report and ask local authorities what they are doing to protect the young girls who fall victim to these abortion clinics after being raped.

Read the Cover-up of Child Sexual Abuse report here.

Read the rest of the LifeNews story here.

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