Fr. Frank Pavone: Vatican gave Priests for Life clean bill of health

In the February edition of Life Talk TV, a national pro-life talk show, Fr. Frank Pavone explains recent controversies surrounding Priests for Life.

Fr Frank Pavone Life Talk Feb 2015

“We’ve been criticized a lot over the years, but, I’m happy to tell you Mark, as you already know, the Vatican did a review of our work. They do very often with different ministries, what they call a visitation. It’s a positive way that they come alongside and they help the ministries in the church to become stronger,” the national director of Priests for Life stated.

So they did a visitation, issued a report, and it was all very positive.

They gave us a clean bill of health with our finances, with our organizational structure.

Gave us some good words of encouragement about how valuable the work is to the church. So, I’m happy to reassure our supporters of that.”

Mark Crutcher LIfe Talk Feb 2015

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc., which produces Life Talk TV, said he wanted his audience to understand that there was no financial improprieties with Priests for Life.

This is what we’ve been saying since day one”, Crutcher stated, “Basically, as I read the report, and I understood it, they’re basically saying there was absolutely no basis for ever having made the accusations, that there was any kind of financial impropriety.”

Life Talk TV powered by Life Dynamics

And there weren’t even any specific allegations,” Fr. Frank said, “It was all this raising of doubt – oh – we’re not sure we’re not sure….Well now you can be sure!” he said.

Watch the February Life Talk TV show – here.

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