Gruber’s nemesis called his paper on abortion creepy

Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie, who recently questioned ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber about a paper he wrote which discussed how the government had saved billions of dollars by targeting abortion to the poor, is calling the paper creepy and based in eugenics.

Thomas Massie Gruber Nemesis

In a December 9, 2014 hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, about enrollment issues with the Affordable Care Act, Jonathan Gruber, a former consultant and adviser during the law’s creation, apologized for comments he made in which he called voters stupid and said the controversial law was passed because voters did not know better. 

During questioning of the ObamaCare architect, Massie, now dubbed Gruber’s Nemesis, asked him about the paper he penned years prior, “In 1997 you co-authored a paper entitled , “Abortion legalization and child living circumstances who was the marginal child?” On page twenty you conclude that abortion legalization appears to be associated with an improvement in the average living circumstances and birth outcomes among a birth cohort and on page 26 you state that your research indicates that the legalization of abortion saved the government fourteen billion dollars in welfare payments through 1994.”

Abortion legalization marginal child Gruber paper

Massie then asks, “Is providing more access to abortion – is that a worthy social outcome to achieve cost savings for the government?

Gruber’s reply was this, “That is uh not what my paper was about. It was a philosophical paper it was about empirical facts…”

During a media interview about the conversation, Congressman Massie called Gruber’s paper creepy, “ It’s a really creepy paper if you read it,” Massie said on Fox Business, “He lacks a moral compass or ethical compass…If you go back and find that paper and read that paper, its only 27 pages long and he had two co-authors, his basic conclusion was that if more poor people abort their babies, that society will be better off – and that the children were better off anyway not living because they would have been born to single households, single parents, lived in poverty.

Rep. Massie then states that applying economics to social issues like abortion without a moral compass equates to eugenics, “You know, he approaches it from an economics standpoint. But, you know, when you take economics and you apply it to social issues without any moral or ethics what you get is eugenics and that’s why it’s creepy.”

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics agrees. In 2009, Crutcher and his team produced a powerful film exposing the root of abortion as eugenics and racism. The well researched documentary, Maafa21, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times both online and in various venues across the country including twice in the Capitol Visitor Center Theater in Washington.

Crutcher said that Gruber was not the first to connect abortion to eugenics, “Ironically, within a few months after we released Maafa21, the most radical abortion enthusiast on the U.S. Supreme Court issued a statement to the New York Times that confirmed exactly what we were saying. Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated, “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

RuthBader Ginsburg Maafa21

Gruber tried bobbing and weaving around Congressman Massie’s questions,” points out Crutcher, “but, in the end, it was clear his position was that legalized abortion has allowed our country to kill off the children of the poor and, thereby, provide a higher quality of life for those who are still living.”

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Crutcher said that both Ginsburg and Gruber have validated what he documented in Maafa21, “Now we have not one, but two, radical, high-profile, godless abortion supporters, confirming what we documented in Maafa 21. First, Ruth Bader Ginsburg admits that eugenics was the driving force behind the legalization of abortion, and then Jonathan Gruber admits that it’s working exactly as it was intended. And make no mistake, everyone at the top of the abortion lobby food chain has also known that this was the agenda since day one.”

Massie correctly observed that Gruber’s paper is creepy. The fact is that the promotion of abortion from people like Gruber, Ginsburg, and the abortion lobby is purely eugenics,” Crutcher stated.

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