Hillary Clinton defended Partial Birth Abortion

2016 Democrat presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton is so extreme on abortion that she once defended the horrific partial birth abortion procedure.

Hillary CLinton Partial Birth Abortion debate 2003

In 2003, a law to ban Partial Birth Abortion came before the US Senate, and then Senator Hillary Clinton defended the gruesome late term procedure, opposed by a majority of American people.

The March 12, 2003 exchange between Senators Rick Santorum and Hillary Clinton was captured by CSPAN.

Rick Santorum Partial Borth abortion debate 2003

In the procedure, an almost fully developed unborn baby is delivered from it’s mother, feet first, with only the head remaining inside the birth canal. The abortionist then punctures the child in the back of the neck with a pair of sharp scissors. The abortion doctor then sucks out the baby’s brain tissue to collapse the skull and deliver a dead baby.

PBA Partial Birth Abortion .image

A shocking description of partial birth abortion was captured by Life Dynamics after the pro-life group obtained tapes from a 1992 National Abortion Federation (NAF) conference describing the procedure.

In a 2003 Life Talk show, president Mark Crutcher played horrific audio of abortionist Martin Haskell describing the procedure to NAF members while showing it to the group on screen.

You can listen to a portion of that audio below and you can order the full audio called Fire and Ice from Life Dynamics.

This is how the abortionist described killing an unborn child:

Hillary CLinton Partial Birth Abortion debate 2003 2

During the 2003 debate Hillary Clinton suggested that outlawing the horrific procedure was a “slippery slop.”

Asked by Senator Santorum, “What is your definition of extreme Mrs. Clinton?

Clinton replied, “What I do think is extreme is making a decision in this body to outlaw a medical procedure that may or may not be required.”

Partial Birth Abortion Rick Santorum chart

“Is the Senator aware of Ron Fitzsimmons who runs the association of abortion clinics who has said that when the argument was made by many of the people…like yourself who came forward to say this procedure was medically necessary…That Ron Fitzsommons said he lied through his teeth when he gave that argument?” Santorum asked Hillary.

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Santorum was referring to a statement made by Ron Fitzsimmons, head of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers (NCAP) in 1997 where admitted that the majority of the estimated 3000 to 5000 partial birth abortions performed annually were on healthy babies.

Fitzsimmons told Nightline, “The majority of these procedures are performed in the late second trimester on healthy women and healthy fetuses. That’s — the law allows that. Women come in at that point unfortunately, for whatever reason, seeking abortion services. We estimate that approximately 3,000 to 5,000 are performed in the United States on an annual basis.”

PBA Ron Fitzsimmons abortion

In an article in American Medical News, Fitzsimmons recalled the night in November 1995, when he appeared on “Nightline” on ABC where he told the news outlet that I “lied through my teeth” when he said the procedure was used rarely and only on women whose lives were in danger or whose fetuses were damaged.

It made me physically ill,” Fitzsimmons said in an interview.

“I told my wife the next day, ‘I can’t do this again.’ ”

Ron Fitzsimmons lies through teeth partial birth abortion 2

Ron Fitzsimmons lies through teeth partial birth abortion 3

Santorum pointed out to Hillary Clinton that in just one state, out of the 182 partial birth abortions reported in one year in the state of Kansas, none were done for medical reasons.

They were all classified as quote mental health,” Santorum said.

Regarding the possibility that some babies would have fetal abnormalities, Santorum asked Hillary, “It still is a child, is it not?

“Do we consider a child who may not live long or may have an abnormality to be less of a child? Is this less of a human being because it’s not perfect?” he asked.

That we need these kinds of infanticide to weed out those that are not going to survive?” he said.

Clinton did not answer the question but rather asked if the legislation being proposed would make an exception for babies with health issues.

I value every single life and every single person. But if you can explain to me how the United States government through the criminal law process will be making these decisions without infringing on fundamental rights, without imposing onerous burdens on women and their families, I would be more than happy to listen,” Hillary Clinton told Santorum.

Watch the exchange below:

The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 was eventually passed despite Hillary Clinton’s objections and it was signed into law by the President George W. Bush on Nov 5, 2003.


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  • I cried when I read this! I kept thinking NO! how can they do this to an innocent sweet soul! Christians if we do not protest this murder we are as guilty as they are! Oh, God please forgive our wickedness.

    Comment by Dianna S. Huff on July 13, 2015 at 4:05 pm

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