How long will America allow perverts at Planned Parenthood to influence children?

Pro-life leader to America: stop turning your children over to perverts at Planned Parenthood.

Life Dynamics, Inc., president, Mark Crutcher, responds to new videos released by Live Action showing Planned Parenthood coaching a young girl about BDSM sex acts. (Watch undercover investigation here. )

Crutcher says, “At Life Dynamics, we did an undercover sting operation over 10 years ago proving that Planned Parenthood is operating a nationwide pedophile protection ring that’s still in business today. (Learn more here. )

“Now, Live Action has shown that another sort of demented and illegal behavior is also going on. Look, what we know is that Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a collection of moral degenerates and sexual deviants. And again, Live Action just proved it. There are only two things we don’t know. First, when is the US government going to stop giving these people two million dollars a day in our money? And second, how much longer are the American people going to allow their children to be turned over to these perverts? Enough is enough.”

Life Dynamics is a national pro-life organization known for our groundbreaking investigations into the abortion industry.

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