Miracle baby born at 23 weeks now breathes on her own

Miracle baby, Bella Davison, born at 23 weeks is now off oxygen and breathing on her own, 8 months later.

Bella was born in August just under the 24 week abortion limit in the UK, weighing 1lb 3ozs.

Bella Born less than 24 weeks gestation

Sadly, Bella’s twin sister, Sophia suffered complications and doctors were unable to save her.

Parents Parents Vicky Jackson and Graeme Davison were told not to expect little Bella to survive, “The day after Bella was born we were told she would not survive the night but she did and now she is home – it’s amazing,” Bella’s mom told the UK Mirror.

Because Bella was born very premature which, her lungs had not yet developed so she had chronic lung disease.

Bella Davison born 23 weeks gestation needs oxygen

Bella needed help her to get enough oxygen to her body and was recently released to go home after six months at the hospital.

But, Bella was still very dependent on the oxygen and had to be weaned off the slowly. The great news is that this miracle baby is now off the oxygen for good, as of today.

Expressing their joy, Bella’s parents posted this on a Facebook page they created to detail Bella’s miraculous life:

Bella off oxygen born at 23 weeks 03961155227624_n

“Well Graeme and I are very pleased to tell you all that as of 3pm today The Beautiful Bella is now oxygen free we can’t believe how fast she has come along with her breathing the consultant said she had an average of 97% and they are more than happy to let her come off wooohoooooo were so very proud of you Bella darling you did it”

More on Bella’s story here.

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