Mom reacts to Facebook ban of baby born without a nose

The mother of a baby born without a nose whose image was banned from Facebook says their decision to ban her posts has been reversed.

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In late March, Life Dynamics published the story of Eli, whose parents called him perfect even though he was born without a nose.

Timothy Eli Thompson was born on March 4, without any sinus cavities or nasal cavities – a condition so rate that it only has a one in 197 million chance of occurring.

Shortly after Life Dynamics published the blog on Eli, the pro-life media began to tell Eli’s story.

When the group Live Action published a story on Eli, Facebook told the pro-life group that it could not be promoted in an ad on the social media site because “the image or video thumbnail may shock or evoke a negative response from viewers.”

Eli Facebook Live Action

Eli’s mom, Brandi McGlathery, quickly posted a link on her Facebook page to the Life News story about her son’s image where she condemned Facebook, “Excuse my language, Brandi began her post.

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“but I’ll be damned if Facebook keeps me from sharing my baby’s story! It sickens me that I can see pictures of half naked women, drugs, & negativity, but my child is too “controversial”. What has happened to humanity?” she said.

Elis mom Facebook baby nose

But, Live Action was not the only ones asked to remove Eli’s pictures.

According to reports, Facebook also asked Eli’s mother to remove his pictures.

In addition to Facebook’s reaction, Eli’s mother said she also received a messages asking why she did not have an abortion:

Eli abortion

That took a lot of maturity to not respond the way that the mom in me wanted to!” Brandi told WKRG.

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Now, Brandi has reported that Facebook’s ban has been lifted after users complained and the story was shared an astonishing 30,000 times in just six hours.

Brandi Eli Facebook Ban lifted

Eli Brandi Facebook ban lifted nose

Although Eli’s mother says that Facebook has reversed their decision regarding her posts on Eli, Life Dynamics has confirmed that Live Action has not received a reversal from the social media site regarding their ads promoting Eli’s story.

This is only a partial victory.

Continue contacting Facebook to share your views.

UPDATE: After Life Dynamics published this post regarding Facebook lifting their ban on Eli’s pictures published from his mother, the social media site also decided to allow Live Action News stories of Eli to be promoted. Thanks to all who spoke up on this important matter.

Read more about Eli here.


  • God bless you and your family for this precious little one! Don’t listen to those who are disheartening and saying mean and nasty things. God loves you and your family and precious Eli. His life is worthy and you are a great mom for defending him so and giving him life. I’m the mom of a disabled young adult son so I do understand how mean people can be and it is heartrending and I’m heartsick at the way people can react so negatively. anyway God bless you all. ~ Melissa ~

    Comment by Melissa on April 22, 2015 at 5:23 pm
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  • How could anyone say that about him? When I first looked at the picture I honestly didn’t notice a difference in his appearance from other babies. Seriously had to really look to see the difference. Even then he’s so adorable! Such a sweet face. So sorry anyone would say such mean things! None of them are true!

    Comment by Christina Ann Boeckman on April 14, 2015 at 3:21 pm
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  • I think he is beutiful and made just the way God wanted him to be.

    Comment by Catrina on April 13, 2015 at 12:21 pm

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