Mom refused abortion for baby diagnosed with anencephaly “seeing her makes me so happy”

A baby diagnosed with anencephaly in the womb, which doctors said would not make it past childbirth, recommending abortion has celebrated her first birthday.

The doctors told me that most women choose abortion, but I wanted to give Angela a shot at life.

Those are the words of loving mother, Sonia Morales, after doctors told her that her unborn her baby would probably die in her womb or just moments after she gave birth.

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According to, Morales’ daughter Angela was diagnosed with anencephaly, a serious birth defect characterized by the absence of parts of the brain and skull.

According to a Facebook page dedicated to Angela, on July 29, 2013 her parents found out they were expecting again and they were filled with joy.

“We were so happy to know that God was blessing us again with another baby,” Sonia writes.

“At my 16-week ultrasound I was told that something was wrong with my baby’s head. Dr. told me that I need to be strong. I was told my baby had no brain and the skull didn’t form correctly. I was told that my baby was only alive because she was attached to me, but that she couldn’t survive on her own. The doctor said that I could continue the pregnancy safely, but that my baby would die shortly after being born. Or I could choose to terminate the pregnancy, letting my baby die without ever seeing or holding her.”

But Sonia loved Angela and refused the abortion.

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It was the saddest and scariest moment of our lives. But I looked at my husband and we decided that we were going to keep her no matter what,” Sonia said.

To some people this would be a difficult decision, but it wasn’t for me. I knew there was nothing to gain by terminating the pregnancy, but a lot to loose, and I already loved my daughter more than anyone else in the world. Even if she was unconscious like the doctors said and lived for only a few seconds or minutes, it was worth it to me. We chose to carry our baby to term for one simple reason: pure love,” she said.

“I would feel Angela kick and I would think to myself that she was telling me not to cry but to smile,” Sonia told People.

It was there in our pain when God comforts us and calls us to a beautiful mission. Be witness for the defense of life from the womb to natural death. And he taught us that the baby would live forever with Him in heaven. And I would only be the carrier and the protector of her life. We have to defend them from the moment of conception because they have a soul and that soul belongs to God, and He, is the only one who can decide on her life,” she wrote online.

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At 40 weeks, Sonia went into labor on March 23, and – at 6:35 p.m. – Angela was born at 6 lbs., 3 oz.

When we went to the hospital, I thought I was going to be saying hello and goodbye on the same day,” says Sonia. “We sang her a song that we made for her.”

Miraculously, Angela didn’t just make it to childbirth. On March 23, 2015, she celebrated her first birthday.

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A picture of Angela days after her birth on her mother’s Facebook page is accompanied by this tender and sweet post straight from Sonia’s loving heart:

Angela Morales 06208618251411649_n

Declared “incompatible with life” , sent home to die , but yet she just celebrated her FIRST birthday. She is not only living but thriving. Anencephaly is a terrible birth defect but she is giving hope to the world and proving doctors wrong. Angela’s smile is a reminder that every life is worth, no matter how much will last,” Angela’s mother writes as she celebrates her special day.

Many have told us that they couldn’t do what we choose to do,” Sonia says.

We are not saints and you don’t know what you can do until you are faced with it. We would like them to understand that while I am carrying Angela, God is carrying my family and me. That is what made the difference. It is a hard journey but our babies are more than worth the effort. We don’t look back in regret and continue to look up in faith. By sharing our story, God will be glorified for all He has done for us.”

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  • This is so sweet :) my daughter has cerebral palsy and congenital hydrationa God seending his special babies to special mothers because he knows we will love them unconditionally no matter what doctors or society says she is beautiful!

    Comment by EvaMarie Torres on April 7, 2015 at 5:44 pm

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