Mother’s letter to daughter’s killer details how she refused abortion years prior

The mother of a 20-year old woman who was tragically shot and murdered has penned a touching letter to her killer detailing how she refused to have an abortion when she was pregnant with her daughter.

Police say that Milan Arriola wasn’t the intended victim when 20-year-old Will Reed gunned her down while she drove her car on a New Orleans street earlier this month.

Milan mother pens letter to killer

They say the 20-year-old was killed as a result of an ongoing feud between the shooter and someone else. Reed has been charged with second degree murder.

After her death, Milan’s mother, Imani Ruffins, penned a touching letter to her daughter’s killer on her Facebook page.

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The letter recounted Milan’s life from the time Imani became pregnant with her.

“From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed EVERY DAY. I prayed for “a girl” A humble, happy, healthy girl, in that order,” she wrote.

You see, how amazing God is? He gave me EXACTLY what I asked for,” she said.

The grieving mother described the time when she was told by doctors to have abortion because of contracting chick pocks and fear that her daughter would be born with disabilities.

Imani refused to have the abortion writing, “the Dr. told me my unborn child was gonna be retarded, blind and probably deaf and I should probably have an abortion, but I said no. No because I knew God heard my prayers. My faith out weighed everything.”

Milans mother letter to killer

She ended the letter with these words, “I thank God for 20 years with my first child, my only daughter, my best friend. No one, not even you Will Reed can take that away from me and everyone who had the pleasure of sharing her life.”

The full text is written below:

A letter to my daughter’s killer

KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Please pray for this family.

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