Mourners bury Baby Henry after mother discarded him as trash

An emotional funeral was held yesterday for a Michigan newborn known only as Baby Henry, whose body was discovered in January at a Detroit-area recycling center after he was tossed into the trash.

Members of a fire department honor guard carried his tiny casket, while local leaders and the dozens of people paid their final respects for the boy.

Michigan Baby Fueral

According to the Associated Press, Morgue employees named the child “Henry Alexander Macomb,” after the county’s namesake, Gen. Alexander Macomb.

Police have arrested Baby Henry’s mother, 24 year-old Angela Alexie, who allegedly gave birth to the infant by herself in late December in a garage and left him there, authorities said.

According to reports, she returned several times the following days to feed the baby boy, but he died of the cold late Christmas Eve.

He was found at an Roseville incinerator frozen to death and wearing a black T-shirt.

Baby Henry Funeral Michigan

Clinton Township Supervisor, Robert Cannon, said the community has adopted Baby Henry as their own, We wanted that baby to have the dignity and respect in death that he never had in life.

He started out without anybody loving him. Now, we all love him. And I want the world forever to know that,” he said.

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