New Orleans city council honors abortion giant Planned Parenthood

The largest chain of abortion clinics which was founded in eugenics has been honored by the City Council of a major city.

LaToya Cantrell NO Council

According to, New Orleans City Council member LaToya Cantrell delivered a proclamation, signed by the New Orleans City Council, at a reception held for the abortion giant recognizing Planned Parenthood as a valuable health care resource for the New Orleans community.

The proclamation reads in part, “WHEREAS Over the last thirty years, Planned Parenthood has provided health services to hundreds of thousands of women and men in our community and is a trusted and well-respected quality health care provider; now, therefore
At the request of Council member LaToya Cantrell-BE IT PROCLAIMED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS that during its celebration of the 30th anniversary, Planned Parenthood be recognized and honored as an important partner in redeveloping our city’s health care delivery system; May Planned Parenthood hereby be applauded for its efforts and its call for community-wide focus on health issues and approaches to healthcare challenges.”

Planned Parenthood New Orleans Proclaimation

*Note: the image above is not the original document but it is the same wording of the proclamation according to Councilwoman Cantrell’s communications department.

The document also called Planned Parenthood “a trusted quality healthcare provider in New Orleans for thirty years” saying that the abortion giant offers, “a unique and vital perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by New Orleans and is a partner in shaping quality health care delivery throughout our region.”

The truth is that Planned Parenthood has targeted New Orleans for more than thirty years and you might be be surprised who they “trusted” in during these early days.

In 1969, a meeting of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, also known as UNESCO, proposed that an American population commission be created with a “large budget for propaganda.”

UNESCO opulation propogands Maafa21

Four months later, Republican President Richard Nixon signed legislation establishing the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future.

Commission on Poulation Growth  and teh American future Maafa21

The bill authorizing this new initiative had been passed with overwhelming support from Congressional Democrats and was chaired by John Rockefeller.

Charles Westoff PP and AES Commission on Population

The Executive Director of the project was to be Dr. Charles F. Westoff who was also a member of both the American Eugenics Society and Planned Parenthood’s National Advisory Council.

Commission on Poulation Growth Beasley Westoff Rockfeller


Another member of this new commission which began calling for the nationwide legalization of abortion was Dr. Joseph Beasley.

Joseph Beasley

In the 1960s, Beasley oversaw an aggressive eugenics program that concentrated on black neighborhoods in New Orleans.

This project would eventually be described by Planned Parenthood President, Alan Guttmacher, as the number one success story in the history of the American birth control movement.

It also led to Beasley being elected Chairman of the Board of Planned Parenthood in 1970.

PP WP Joseph Beasley Planned Parenthood

Then in 1975, Beasly was sent to federal prison for conspiring to defraud the United States government of $778,000 that had been allocated for the project.

beasley 2 years prison Maafa21

In court, a local black civil-rights activist named Sherman Copelin testified that he took pay-offs from Beasley for helping to convince residents of the targeted neighborhoods that birth control was not black genocide.

At that time and even today, many leaders of the Black community warned that birth control and Planned Parenthood centers flooding their neighborhoods amounted to genocide. And they were prophetic, because today, abortion kills more black babies than a number of other diseases combined.


In 1978, while still in prison, the former Planned Parenthood chairman told the media that he consoled himself thinking of all those souls who did not exist because of him.

The children never born to poor women amounted to the thousands because of Beasley, the Tuscaloosa News reported.

In typical eugenics fashion, Bealsey told the newspaper that his work was worth it because he thought about the millions of tax dollars never laid out in welfare.

Beasley COnvicted Planned Parenthood Board

There are a lot of people that are a lot better off because of what I did. I really feel good about myself when I think of them, ” Beasley said.

Beasley’s story was featured in Maafa21 and a segment of the film can be viewed below :

Maafa21 can be viewed in full and purchased at


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