PlanB for pro-choice man: force pregnant girlfriend to swallow abortion pills

UPDATE: Even though a pro-choice anesthesiologist has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge after he was accused of choking a pregnant woman and forcing her to swallow a Plan B, or “morning after,” pill that could cause an abortion, he will still be allowed to continue practicing.

According to the Daily Freeman:

Because the charges were reduced, the so-called doctor will be allowed to continue to practice medicine.

From our original story:

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A New York man has been accused of strangling his pregnant girlfriend and then forcing her to swallow “a pill that would cause an abortion,” according to a press release from the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office.

44-year-old Thomas A. Pfeiffer was arrested on December 3, 2014 and charged with the violent felony of strangulation in the second degree, the felony of abortion in the second degree, and the misdemeanors of assault in the third degree and criminal cischief in the fourth degree.

Police say they rushed to the victim’s residence after receiving a 911 call. After deputies arrived, they learned that Pfeiffer was involved in a violent dispute with a female party.

The victim, Pfeiffer’s girlfriend, told police that when she discovered she was pregnant and informed Pfeiffer, he began strangling her and forcing her to swallow “pills that would cause an abortion,” Detective Lieutenant Ed Brewste told the Water-Shed Post.

We believe it was what they call a Plan B pill,” Brewster said. “That’s what they’re telling us. But we’re not sure what the pill is.”

The victim sustained injuries to her throat and neck and was transported to the hospital.

Pfeiffer was arraigned in the Town of Kingston Court and remanded to the Ulster County Jail on $50,000 cash bail.

Life Dynamics has documented that men whose pregnant girlfriend’s refuse to submit to abortions can react violently.

In their report, entitled, “Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion,” president Mark Crutcher says that when you see this kind of a violent act on a pregnant woman, you will learn that it was most likely superseded by the perpetrators demand that she submit to an abortion, “When we were able to obtain copies of police reports, indictments, court records or other similar documentation for these cases, they would almost universally show that when a perpetrator is confronted by an unwanted pregnancy, his first response is not violence but a demand that his partner have an abortion,” Crutcher points out, “When violence ensues, it is inevitably a reaction to her refusal to comply,” he says.

The report from Life Dynamics can be viewed in the reports and projects section of the website, or by clicking here.

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