Planned Parenthood blames ObamaCare for center’s closure

UPDATE: A a news article is reporting that Planned Parenthood Battle Creek has now officially closed to patients as of January 20th. VICTORY!

An ironic twist of fate has occurred, Planned Parenthood which lobbied heavily for the Affordable Care Act, is now blaming the ObamaCare monstrosity for the closure of a Michigan clinic.

PP Battle Creek Center Closing

A local Michigan media outlet reports:

President Obama once promised Planned Parenthood that abortion would be at the heart of his health care bill, and he kept that promise!

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Life Dynamics has been exposing Planned Parenthood for many years. Our most recent Child Predator Report documents how the abortion giant covers for child sexual predators. In 2009, Life Dynamics produced the powerful documentary, Maafa21, detailing the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood. Watch that here.

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