Planned Parenthood Ferguson tweet outrages Black genocide film producer

A Ferguson tweet by Planned Parenthood has outraged the producer of the Black Genocide documentary film, Maafa21, who said the organization has done more damage to the Black community than the Klan.

Charlie Butts from One News Now interviewed Life Dynamics‘ president Mark Crutcher producer of Maafa21, who said Planned Parenthood has no business camping onto the Ferguson tragedy to promote its agenda of racial targeting in the Black community:

We have republished this interview with permission below.

A pro-life group says a series of tweets from Planned Parenthood concerning the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, masks that organization’s real agenda.

Immediately after the Ferguson grand jury decided not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, Planned Parenthood and others of like view began sending out Twitter messages. One from Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards appears below:

cecilerichardstweetFerguson 1_522x146

Additional Tweets from Planned Parenthood also appeared:

Planned Parenthood Tweet on Ferguson

Planned Parenthood Ferguson FB

PP Black Community

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics describes the “difference” Planned Parenthood has made.

This is an absolute and utter disgrace what these people are saying,” he exclaims, “because the fact is that in the history of the United States the Ku Klux Klan has done far less damage to the African-American community than Planned Parenthood has done to them and continues to do to them every day – and we’ve proven this.”

Mark Crutcher _FergusonQuote

Crutcher, is referring to a Life Dynamics-produced documentary called Maafa21, which shows the link between Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry and eugenics – i.e., destroying or limiting minority populations.

Maafa21 Banner

And the result of that is that today black women make up about 12 percent of the female population of America and they have almost 40 percent of the abortions,” he emphasizes. “You have places in this country [e.g., New York City] where more black babies are aborted than are born.”

Watch Maafa21 here

For more about the destruction that Planned Parenthood and the abortion Industry has done to the African American community, you can also visit:

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