Planned Parenthood to undercover caller portraying 13yr old impregnated by adult “there’s no reporting to police”

A Planned Parenthood abortion clinic which once told an undercover caller portraying a 13 year-old impregnated by an adult male that “there’s no reporting to the police or any official“, is closing.

The announcement that Planned Parenthood’s Downtown Center located on 16th Street of in the heart of the nation’s capital was placed on their doors earlier this week.

PP Wash DC

The news comes on the heels of several abortion clinics closures nationwide.

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington D.C., which has been the site of numerous pro-life demonstrations and was featured in Life Dynamics’ film Maafa21, said they are closing the center while they look for a new location in the area.

Below is a clip from Maafa21, which includes an interview with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, and shows this Planned Parenthood in the background:

Operation Rescue reported that, in 2009, this Planned Parenthood center paid $1.5 million in damages to the family of a teenaged girl whose abortion left her with permanent injuries.


The center was also the subject of an undercover investigation conducted by the Texas pro-life group, Life Dynamics, which documented the way the abortion giant covered for child sexual predators.

In the call, Planned Parenthood told what they thought was a 13 year old girl impregnated by an adult male that, -QUOTE-there’s no reporting to the police or any official-UNQUOTE.

As the Planned Parenthood employee hears the caller state that she was impregnated by a 22-year-old man, the only thing that appears to be on her mind is the abortion and booking the appointment:

CALLER: No? All right. Well, do you guys — like my friend told me you guys have to tell my parents. Is that true?

CLINIC: Not in DC, no.

CALLER: Okay. It’s just, my parents can’t find out at all because, well my boyfriend’s 22, and we’re going to get married, but like they hate him because they think he’s too old for me. So there’s just no way that they can find out at all.

CLINIC: Okay. Well, we have appointments available Wednesday or Saturday of next week.

Planned Parenthood Wash DC abortion pedophile

The caller, portraying a 13-year-old child, then asks if her 22-year-old boyfriend can can bring her to the clinic:

CALLER: Would it be all right if my boyfriend brings me?

CLINIC: To this appointment?



CALLER: And you guys wouldn’t –

CLINIC: I mean, you know, how are we to know who bring you to your appointment? So, no, it’s — there’s no parental, no parent notification.


CLINIC: It’s all confidential.

CALLER: So they wouldn’t have to ask about like my boyfriend or anything?

CLINIC: Well, I don’t know. I wouldn’t say they wouldn’t ask, but there’s no reporting to the police or any official.

You can listen to the call in full here.

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

At their website,, Life Dynamics has uploaded approximately 800 undercover phone calls made to Planned Parenthood centers and abortion facilities nationwide documenting their pedophile protection racket.

In addition, Life Dynamics has recently documented that Planned Parenthood continues to cover child sexual abuse.

A report published online entitled, The Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse, quotes actual case summaries where child rape victims are often returned to their abusers after abortion and Planned Parenthood centers fail to report the abuse to police.

Read the horrific cases here.

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