Pledge: “I will never perform an illegal abortion”

A pro-life group is asking pro-choice and pro-life people to pledge that they will never perform an illegal abortion.

As you know the pro-choice crowd claims that if abortion is made illegal, millions of women will die.

Coat Hanger abortions Mark Crutcher Life Talk March 2015

Yet, the pro-life movement has documented that women are dying from legal abortion.

Safe and Legal Prochoice Death List

It is a fact that every woman who was ever been killed by an illegal or a legal abortion was killed by someone who is pro-choice.

According to Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics,Every one of these women who suffer from coat hanger abortions, suffer at the hands of someone who is pro-choice and not pro-life. If you think about it for a minute what these people are saying when they bring out their coat hangers, is, if you don’t let us kill babies we’re going to kill women- but- somebody’s dying…We need to tell these people that we’re not taking responsibility for the women that you are threatening to kill.

But still, the concern for women dying by the reproductive rights crowd persists.

So, Mark Crutcher has the solution:

Ask every pro-lifer and every pro-choice person to take a pledge which says, “I pledge that when we, as a nation, have protected the unborn child from the horror of legalized abortion, I will never perform an illegal abortion.

Pledge Life Dynamics illegal abortion

Now, we don’t have to kill these women and we can save the babies too.

Help Life Dynamics by passing this petition around to members of the pro-life community.

To make this pledge work best all we need is for someone in support of abortion to do the same and the problem of women dying from illegal abortion will be solved.

Do you think the reproductive rights crowd will take a pledge like this?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below:

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  • I don’t know if Pro-Abortion people will take the pledge. I want to say I am pro-life. Life is awesome. I have lots of my friends and family members, people who have had Abortions. The sad thing is they all behave the same after the abortion. They realize abortion is horrible, they let other women walk into the same misery. All of the things feminists say abortion will do to improve the life of women it doesn’t. Sad thing is abortion among many horrors anilhilates the population. That is the case abortion will end, one way or the other. It seems feminists or females who have had abortions are so harden, so bitter, so miserable that they want all women to have abortions to keep them comfortable. Oprah Winfrey had an abortion and she has means to have the debate, TV to present facts of abortion so that women could have informed factual information. She won’t. Oprah Winfrey has had 4 kinds of cancer related to her abortion. She won’t speak out to save the unborn child. We need main stream programs to get the facts out about abortion.

    Comment by Tamiko Anderson on March 23, 2015 at 7:43 pm

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