Police harass pro-lifer outside Planned Parenthood says national group

A national pro-life groups claims the D.C. police are harassing a pro-life side walk counselor exposing the truth of abortion outside Planned Parenthood.

Lauren at Planned Parenthood Created Equal

According to the pro-life group Created Equal, which routinely shows abortion victim imagery, D.C police continue to harass pro-life activist Lauren Handy outside Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington.

Police remove woman killed by abortion pic created equal DC planned Parenthood

A video documenting the abuse shows police confiscating a poster of abortion victim Marla Cardamone who was killed along with her unborn child during an abortion procedure at a hospital.

In 2013, Life Dynamics published autopsy images of Marla at the website SafeandLegal.com, at her mother’s request.

Tonya Reaves killed at Planned Parenthood remove DC police Created Equal

The DC Planned Parenthood is steadily losing business. I was involved with three saves last week,” Lauren told Life Dynamics.

The 21-year-old activist for the Anti-Choice Project DC said that she stands outside Planned Parenthood 3-4 times a week.

“Intimidation tactics are expected when you start effecting their wallet. The first amendment protects unpopular speech and in our culture showing victims of abortion is unpopular. It’s important to stand my ground because one third of my generation is gone from abortion, ” she stated.

The video clip below shows Lauren being threatened with arrest over and over again outside Planned Parenthood.

Lauren faces hostility rescuing children every day,” Mark Harrington of Created Equal told Life Dynamics.

“She has been harassed. Her property has been confiscated. She has been cursed at. She has been water-hosed. So far, our efforts to protect her rights have failed. The DC police continue this campaign of intimidation. If she were just praying they would leave her alone. She gets harassed because she brings the very victims of abortion to the killing place in order to spare lives. Despite police attempts to remove her and the abortion victim photos there were three babies saved the other day, ” he said.


Last year, Lauren posted a video of herself reading from Mark Crutcher’s book Lime 5.

The book details the truth of the abortion industry including the hidden reality of rape and sexual abuse by abortion providers.

Lime 5 is available at a special rate in bulk by contacting Life Dynamics, Inc.

Created Equal said that they are working with attorneys at Life Legal Defense to get this situation resolved.

In addition, the pro-life group is raising funds to get Lauren a body camera to document the abuse.

You can give to that effort HERE.

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