Police officer demands pregnant girlfriend has abortion now under investigation after her death

A Texas police officer is under investigation after his pregnant girlfriend, whom he insisted get an abortion, was found dead.

According to reports, the dead woman had messages from Austin police officer VonTrey Clark demanding that she have an abortion, because “his life would be ruined and he will lose his family” if she had their baby.

Samantha Dean police murder abortion unborn

29 year-old Samantha Dean, a coordinator for the Kyle Police Department was 7 months pregnant when she was shot to death in February.

Although officer Clark has not been charged with any crime, a search warrant was issued for an investigation of Clark’s home and car.

Authorities carried out the warrant May 12 and located records that indicated that Clark kept his affair with Dean secret due to his relationship with another woman.

Samantha Dean abortion police Austin

The warrants indicate Clark “insisted Dean have an abortion.”

After interviews and statements with Dean’s co-workers at the Kyle Police Department, investigators learned “Dean had communicated to these employees if she turned up dead, Clark would be responsible.

TWC News has more:

The warrant also details a possible conspiracy to kill Dean that involved multiple people, including texts about selection of murder location, KVUE reports.

According to KXAN:

Officer Clark remains on restricted duty as the criminal investigation into the Samantha Dean case continues.

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