Poor medical practices at abortion clinics exposed by pro-life group in Indiana

Health surveys, uncovered by an an Indianapolis based pro-life group, expose poor medical practices inside Planed Parenthood centers and local abortion clinics.

The discovery was made by Right to Life of Indianapolis ( RTLI) after the group requested health surveys of local abortion facilities conducted by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).

Indiana state law requires the ISDH to inspect abortion facilities at least once every two years and produce a written survey of findings.

Right to Life of Indianapolis has listed the following examples of what they found:

On their website, Women’s Medical Group lists doctors Martin Haskell who recently closed his Sharonville, Ohio abortion facility after a judge issued a ruling upholding the Ohio Department of Health’s closure order because it does not meet minimum requirements for licensure.

Womens Medical Abortion clinic

Also listed are abortionists Roslyn Kade and Neil Strickland.

NOTE: According to the pro-life group Clinic for Women is the same abortion facility where Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office filed administrative licensing complaints against three abortionists, Resad Pasic, Kathleen Glover and Raymond Robinson. They will be facing a hearing on April 23 in front of the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.

In addition to urging the state to stop unsanitary and unprofessional practices at abortion clinics, RTLI is urging the Indiana Medical Licensing Board to study the alleged violations leveled against abortion doctors Resad Pasic, Kathleen Glover and Raymond Robinson, and consider appropriate disciplinary action, as needed.

“The abortion industry has alleged for years that if abortion is legal, it will be safe. These surveys show just how false this claim is,” the pro-life groups states.

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