Pregnant woman + baby rescued reporter reports THREE people saved!

A North Texas reporter has correctly called the rescue of a pregnant woman and a five month old baby from flood waters a “rescue of three.

Several reports of tornado touch downs occurred on Mother’s Day weekend in Denton County and the surrounding North Texas area.

Tornado Denton

The pro-life group, Life Dynamics, which is located in the Denton, was not affected but many residents in the nearby towns of Cisco and Van were hit hard.

In addition to the tornadoes, there was lots of flooding as several days of rain have caused rivers and creeks to overflow.

Krum rescue pregnant woman flood denton tornado texas

In this report below, Krum residents had to be rescued by army helicopters after flood waters surrounded their home.

Brittany Blanchard, who was 8 months pregnant and babysitting her friend’s baby girl, along with others had to be air lifted in a basket to safety.

If you listen closely to the report, you will hear the WFAA reporter, Todd Unger, correctly report say that three people were rescued.

That is Brittany Blanchard being air lifted from her home with her best friend’s baby in toe, she is pregnant herself, so you could call it was a rescue of three,” Unger reported.

The pregnant woman, 5 month old baby and unborn baby are all doing well.

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