Pro-life boots replace Abortion Barbie’s pink shoes in Texas Senate

There’s a new sheriff is in town, is how one Dallas paper reported on the woman replacing Wendy Davis who paraded onto the Texas Senate floor wearing pro-life boots this week.

Radical pro-abortion Texas Senator, Wendy Davis, made her claim to fame standing on the Texas House floor to filibuster a bill that would limit late term abortions in the state.

NARAL Wendy Davis I Stand With Wendy

Her pink tennis shoes were a hallmark symbol for NARAL and Planned Parenthood who supported Davis, nick-named Abortion Barbie, as she ran a failed campaign against Greg Abbott for Texas governor.

In the summer of 2013, the panel of Life Talk discussed the fallout of abortion protests set off by the Davis stand.

Ironically, on the heels (no pun intended) of Davis’ loss to Greg Abbott, her Senate seat has been replaced by Tea Party favorite, Konni Burton.

Konni Burton 26_2071033146_n

In an election ad, Burton explained the difference between her views and those of Wendy Davis, “Each life has value and is worthy of love,” she begins, “Wendy Davis says she is standing for women, but she has forgotten the women that will never have the chance to stand for themselves because their lives were taken while still in the womb. I will fight for those who cannot speak for themselves. When we diminish the value of unborn life then we have diminished the value of all life. I ask you to stand with me in defending the lives of Texas unborn children and promoting a culture of life in our great state.

This week, at Burton’s swearing in ceremony she did just that.

Burton stood for Texas unborn children wearing a pair of leather boots which had the message, “Stand for Life,” engraved on them.

Konni Burton prolife boots 51137_4322782735391986835_n

On her Facebook page, Burton wrote, “Good morning! Today at noon is the swearing in ceremony! Thank you again, for this honor of representing you! It’s a new day and because of that, I wanted to step out and represent that in a visible way. No more pink shoe drama for SD 10!

Konni Burton

As a result, Burton and her pro-life boots have received a lot of media.

Konnie Buton Boots staement

The Star Telegram reported it this way:

DMN Konni Burton

The Dallas Morning News, no fan of the pro-life message, headlined their story: Wendy Davis’ replacement giving her the boot and reported the following:

Twitter fans loved it. They tweeted enthusiastic messages favoring Burton’s pro-life boots:

Twitter prolife boots

On her Facebook page, Burton made note of the support she received after wearing the boots, “Wow! What a day yesterday was! Thank y’all so much for all the support, love and encouragement you gave us, both here in Austin and back home. We’ve hit the ground running and couldn’t be more excited to be here to represent you.

“The boots were a spectacular hit! There were so many articles written about them. I was amazed…Thanks again, everyone!”

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