Pro-life campaign outside NEA convention over abortion

Today, dozens of concerned pro-lifers in Orlando, Florida are conducting an awareness campaign outside the NEA Teacher’s Union Convention to expose their support of abortion.


According to Bob Pawson, director of Pro-Life Educators of America, who heads up the annual campaign, pro-Life teachers, parents, and students from the greater Orlando area hope to educate the 10,000 delegates about the NEA’s stand on abortion as they arrive for the National Education Association’s annual convention in Orlando.

Abortion kills teachers careers

This demonstration is somewhat unique,” said Pawson.

“Usually, NEA itself does the picketing— presenting demands in front of schools or school board buildings in towns across America. This time, NEA itself is being picketed— by children, taxpaying parents, and educators (including NEA members)— at the union’s own convention. Ironically, NEA touts itself to be the “champion” of all three constituencies.”

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Pawson is calling on the National Teacher’s Association to repeal the pro-abortion policies such as Resolution I-17 (“Family Planning”).

That resolution, which uses the euphemism “reproductive freedom” another term for abortion rights, reads:

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NEA resolutions also include comprehensive sex-education including teachings on “birth control” ,”family planning”, “sexual orientation” and “gender identification.”

NEA Sex Education

In addition, the teacher’s association seems very concerned about the high rate of pregnancy among the Hispanic and Black communities, something Life Dynamics addressed in their documentary film on eugenics, Maafa21:

NEW Pregnancy Hispanic eugenics

NEA Black Pregnancy eugenics

Michele Herzog at NEA over abortion 448_o

Pro-life activist, Michele Herzog who lives in the Orlando area, said she is very concerned that the teacher’s association would promote the killing of children, “This is the face of abortion, the bloodied bodies of babes who died from the act of abortion,” she said while publishing signs of the aborted victims they are showing to NEA members as they enter the convention.

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She said that some members of the convention have responded by telling the group, “this is America.”

“This is the face of America, the bloodied bodies of the children cry out for justice. Yes, this is just one of many disturbing conversations coming from teachers at the NEA convention. … God have mercy!” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Herzog told Life Dynamics that the group is asking those attending the NEA Convention to repeal resolution 1-17.

NEA Family Planning Resolution abortion prolife

We are also here to expose abortion for what it is, the bloodied bodies of the least of these and to speak up for those who have no voice, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” she said.

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Pawson, who is also a member of the NJEA-NEA and a retired teacher, wants the NEA to be neutral on abortion and repeal all pro-abortion resolutions.

We appeal to the NEA’s leadership to repeal all resolutions, policies, or activities related to abortion, however well concealed in euphemistic terminology,” he said

We joined the union solely for collective bargaining. Not to be misrepresented on social, moral, or political issues. We resent having our dues monies and names used to promote either side of divisive, controversial issues unrelated to our mutually agreed upon collective bargaining objectives. NEA must repeal its ‘Family Planning Resolution’ and similar policies, if only out of respect for the diversity of abortion positions among NEA’s 3.2 million members,” he added.

Last week, Life Dynamics reported that a lawsuit has been filed by a veteran Pennsylvania school teacher against the biggest teachers’ union in the state because she feels her First Amendment rights are being trampled because of the union’s support of abortion rights groups like Planned Parenthood.

Linda Misja filed the federal lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Education Association in an effort to legally establish the union cannot maintain an arbitrary practice of restricting religious objectors’ choice of a charity.

She is also seeking injunctive relief to enforce the Court’s ruling.

You can read more on that here.

25 abortions one lost class

Pawson points pout that 25 abortions equal 1 lost classroom and at least one lost teaching career.

Since 1973, mass abortion has resulted in the loss of some sixty-million children who would have been our students. Simultaneously, at least 100,000 teaching careers were also lost— plus many more school support-staff positions,” he said.


A union supposedly dedicated to protecting the jobs of its dues paying members and welfare of children shouldn’t be engaged in promoting the elimination of future students. It is illogical, immoral, and unethical to endorse practices which destroy the very children who eventually would enroll as students where NEA members teach and work,” Pawson said.

* Special thanks to Michele Herzog who supplied photos during the event.

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