Texas politics: Don’t mess with a “Former Fetus”

A Texas legislator said that his “Former Fetus” sign was ripped down at the State Capitol, after posting it in opposition to Planned Parenthood’s lobby day.

Re. Jonathan Strickland

Rep. Jonathan Stickland describes himself as a Conservative Christian Republican currently serving in the Texas State House for District 92.

Yesterday, he received quite a bit of media attention when he hung a sign on his door that said “Former Fetus” after news that abortion giant Planned Parenthood would be lobbying that day.

Jonanthan Stricklund Former Fetus

Rep. Stickland wrote on Facebook, “Today Planned Parenthood is visiting and lobbying the Capitol. In honor of their visit, I put this sign up on my office door. Organizations that murder children are not welcome in my office. #prolifeandproudofit

In response, the Congressman received some interesting comments:

Jonanthan Stricklund Former Fetus FB Responses

Stickland said the signs had been given to him earlier by Texas Right to Life to cover the nameplates in front of members’ offices to show support for their cause.

Jonanthan Stricklund Former Fetus responds

Later in the day the pro-life Republican reported that the sign had been ripped down:

It’s just been ripped down and thrown in my staffer’s face by Charlie Geren,” Stickland said.

I thought it was absolutely handled in the wrong way,” Stickland added. “I wish Rep. Geren was more professional about it instead of intimidating my staff.”

Charlie Geren Former Fetus response

Geren, a Fort Worth Republican who chairs the House Administration Committee, denied ripping them down and told the Texas Tribune that he simply removed the signs because they were in violation of rules from the State Preservation Board, which is responsible for making sure the Capitol grounds are maintained.

I was trying to make a statement,” Stickland said. “I think I have the right to put something on my own placard.”

Texas politicians Former Fetus 334787991287856151_n

Texas Right To Life, reported that several politicians posted the “Former Fetus” signs, writing on their Facebook page, “While Planned Parenthood supporters headed to the Texas Capitol for an anti-Life lobby day, these #ProLifeStrong legislators stood firmly for the preborn. We want to thank all of the elected officials and Capitol staffers who proudly proclaimed they are former fetuses!”

The group then tagged these legislators as some of those who participated:

There is good reason to oppose Planned Parenthood as Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life group in Texas has documented.

The film, Maafa21, produced by Life Dynamics, documents Planned Parenthood’s racist agenda of targeting the Black community with abortion.

Watch Maafa21 here.

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

In addition, according to the president of Life Dynamics, Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby are running a “pedophile protection racket.”

Mark Crutcher and his team at Life Dynamics have recently published a report of documented criminal cases showing how Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry has covered for child sexual predators.

Child Pred Logo

As a result, many young victims of rape were returned back to their abusers, to be repeatedly raped, sometimes for years after the abortion industry failed to report the abuse.

Douglas Wayne Ring

You can read the explicit details of that report, entitled, The Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse, here.

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