Twins born at 22 weeks turn 9 years old

Premature twin babies born at 22 weeks weighing 500g and 560g respectively just celebrated their ninth birthday.

Hunter Ryan Ridley and Darcy Louise Ridley were born on April 24, 2006 nearly 123 days early.

Twings bor 22 weeks hunter and darcy

The twins were considered the most premature twins to survive at the time.

This video, which chronicles Darcy’s medical struggles, shows she suffered from fluid on her brain requiring surgery.

After months of medical care, the twins were released from the hospital nearly six months after their birth.

Hunter and Darcy going home after 6 months 22 weeks

In 2008, their parents published the video below documenting the twins’ first months:

Unfortunately, some viewing the precious video, which has over 2,500,000 views, have written hateful comments.

Darcy Louis 2

Justin Ridley, the twin’s dad decided to reply:

“Thought I would check in and give all an update on the twins,” he wrote.

“Reading through the comments I noticed that there are a few negative and insulting comments. For you who think it is ok to insult me and my children get a life. I do not appreciate comments referring to my children as garbage and that they should have been flushed down the toilet…To me my kids are true heroes and I hope they continue to give people hope. If you have hope and believe anything is possible. I will be deleting the horrible post on here and will endeavour to keep a close eye on it. Once again thank you to all who have left positive comments.”

Hunter Ryan 2

But, supportive comments have far outweighed the negative:

Twins Hunter and Darcy born 22 weeks

The family has created the Facebook page Hunter and Darcy for the twins, who are now nine years old, so those interested can follow their progress.

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