2 abortion docs quit, Michigan abortionist blames pro-lifers

A letter written by a Michigan abortionist has indicated that two doctors have quit performing abortions after pro-life activists sent them copies of his clinic’s health department survey.

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Abortionist Jacob Kalo who operates several abortion clinics in the area wrote the letter in November.

A copy, obtained by Life Dynamics, reveals that Kalo told the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs that a survey of his abortion clinic was sent to two other physicians which, he claims, resulted in them no longer performing abortions.

Kalo’s letter reads in part, “You never responded to our question, what was the way that an aggressive Pro-lifer organization obtained the report and mailed it to Dr. Alan Goldsmith and Dr. Michael Salesin; two very respected physicians in our community. Included with a copy of your survey pro-life literature was sent to them, their families and their partners. As a result of these action both of the doctors decided to stop performing terminations of pregnancy.”

Michigan pro-life activist Lynn Mills told Life Dynamics that Dr. Alan Goldsmith and Dr. Michael Salesin were partners. Mills said she discovered through a lawsuit filed in 2014, that Michael Salesin was a also contract abortionist for the Northland Family Planning abortion clinic, located in Westland.

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Mills claims that pro-life activists, to her knowledge, never sent any mail to the doctor’s family members. She believes that documents were given to Goldsmith and Salesin and their other partners because, “If so called Dr. Goldsmith was going to kill babies for Kalo, he needed to know that Kalo was having trouble passing his survey/inspection.”

Kalo’s letter attempt’s to justify conditions found at his abortion clinic when the state’s health inspector arrived. He explains that on the day the inspector arrived they had cancelled terminations with the exception of one, because their nurse had not shown up for work. That abortion was performed because Kalo said it was the second of a two day procedure, “that medically had to be performed.

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Kalo states that he and his partner Dr. Reginald Sharpe were present for that procedure and that he acted as the RN which would have left Sharpe to perform the abortion.

Ironically, following the killing of that child through the abortion, the letter states that Kalo, “had to leave to the nearby hospital due to an emergency of the birth of his granddaughter, criticizing the inspector for refusing to wait for him to return to the abortion clinic.

Kalo called the inspector “intimidating” and then ended his letter by writing, “I hope none of the members of your department is motivated by a pro-life agenda.”

Pro-lifers say that they plan to monitor both doctors to be certain they are not doing abortions.

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