Vintage Planned Parenthood poster calls children “priceless” and “a whole other life”

Despite now being the number one provider of abortions, this 1972 vintage poster from Planned Parenthood has an astonishing statement about children, calling them “priceless.”

Planned Parenthood children priceless vintage poster

This poster from reads, “We think children are priceless too.

It goes on to state, “But if a child happens to be unplanned, it could mean financial pressures. You see a child is not just and extra mouth to feed. Its a whole other life to be provided for.”


This Every Child a Wanted Child Planned Parenthood poster is from 1977:

EVery CHild a Wanted One Planned Parenthood

The origin of Planned Parenthood’s oft repeated slogan “Every child a wanted child” may have come from the eugenics movement, specifically Fredrick Henry Osborn.

Every Child Wanted Child PP

Frederic Osborn once stated that, “Eugenic goals are most likely attained under a name other than eugenics.”

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Frederick Osborn

Osborn was a founding member of the American Eugenics Society and he also helped start the Population Council as well as the Pioneer Fund, all known for their population control agenda.

Osborn signed Margaret Sanger’s “Citizens Committee for Planned Parenthood” published in her review in April of 1938.

(NOTE: Life Dynamics has a library of Margaret Sanger writing on their website here)

ABCL Committee on PP

According to Evolution in the News, Osborn, a founding member of the American Eugenics Society, restructured the eugenics movement in the 1950s and 1960s, covering up its totalitarian roots and marketing it as “voluntary unconscious selection,” a corrective to natural selection impaired by human domestication (i.e. civilization).

Osborn’s suggested motto for the New Eugenics was “Every Child a Wanted Child“, which now adorns Planned Parenthood’s website and is available on buttons from pro-abortion organizations.

Read more on Saynsumthn’s blog here where the story was originally published.

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