Violent pro-choice man who threatened pregnant girlfriend arrested again

An abusive pro-choice man from Illinois who once told his pregnant girlfriend that she better get an abortion or would kill her and the baby has been arrested again.

33-tear-old Duane D. Lee pleaded not guilty in Macon County Wednesday to felony counts of aggravated battery and domestic battery with a prior domestic battery conviction for allegedly slashing a woman with a knife.

Lee was angry because the woman allegedly said that she did not want to be with him anymore.

In response, Lee pulled a knife out of his coat pocket and swung the knife at her, cutting her on the left arm near the elbow according to authorities.

At the time of this arrest, Lee was serving a 24-month probation term after punching the woman, while she was pregnant, after she refused his order to have an abortion.

In that assault Lee told the victim that she “better get an abortion or he was going to kill her and the unborn baby.”

After leaving her residence, he returned a short time later, “grabbed a fan” and again told her to get an abortion or he was going to kill her.

A friend of the victim’s witnessed this incident and called the police.

Lee is due in court April 27 for a pretrial hearing in his most recent case.

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

Life Dynamics has been documenting how pro-choice men use abortion as a safety net.

The report: Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion can be read here.

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