Viral ad message to single moms: Happy Father’s Day, Mom

A touching viral video ad from Angel Soft is sending a sweet message to single mom’s on Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day Mom!

As pro-life people we support moms who choose life and have to raise their children alone.

“Some days she had to be softer. Some days she had to be stronger,” the ad states.

The emotional interviews with grateful adult children say their single mother’s juggled the roll of both mom and dad.

My mom was a single mother – so she raised both of us completely by herself,” you hear one say.

Happy Fathers Day Mom 7

She did all of it and she did it all as if she was two people,” one says.

“I love you from the bottom of my heart and I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me,” says another.

Happy Fathers Day Mom 3

I’ve definitely seen her try to juggle both mom and dad and everything else that she had to be for herself.

And another says their mom was, “Always very affectionate – hugging and kissing and all of that.”

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Ad week described the ad this way:

Although the ad pulls on your heartstrings does it also suggest that the roll of father is not important?

Happy Fathers Day Mom 2

“She really is like the most amazing mother. But, she was really an incredible father,” says one of those interviewed.

The ad ends with the Angel Soft Logo, “Be Soft – Be Strong.”

Happy Fathers Day Mom  Angel Soft 2

What are your thoughts about this ad?

Watch the ad and please leave your comments below.

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  • #boycottangelsoft
    As a father, I view my role in my daughters life is very important. This is released on the heels of the shooting in Dallas where a father just wanted to see his kids. I really think this ad is in poor taste and the results have angered a lot of fathers. Nothing against single mothers but they have Mother’s Day. Its time for society to stop emasculating men in general.

    Comment by Mark on June 17, 2015 at 11:39 am

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