Voters say NO to Margaret Sanger on $20 bill

Following outrage from Black leaders and pro-lifers nationwide, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was resoundingly defeated as a candidate for the $20.00 bill.

The group, Woman on 20’s initiated the campaign to replace Andrew Jackson with a woman on the currency.

Candidates were selected from a field of 30 through a “vigorous survey process involving more than a dozen women’s historians and academicians.”


Originally among them was Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood whose beliefs in racism and eugenics were documented in the powerful Life Dynamics film, Maafa21.

Star Parker Sanger on 20 horrible abortion planned parenthood

Black leaders were outraged when they discovered the racist Margaret Sanger had been selected as a candidate for US currency.

Clenard CHildress

Rev. Clenard Childress, president of LEARN Northeast, a national African American organization, sent this comment to Life Dynamics, “This is the most diabolical, racist person of the century why have her on the twenty dollar bill? I think it would be a total disrespect to African Americans and minorities because of her eugenics history.


Former Miss Delaware, Day Garner was livid, “Margaret Sanger was a despicable woman who believed that the only people worthy of life –be white and perfect,” she said.

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Twitter users also expressed outrage:


Also defeated was radical pro-abortion feminist Betty Friedan, author of the Feminie Mystique and a founder of the radically pro-abortion National Organization for Women (NOW), serving as their first president.

Friedan also help to found the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).

Finalists selected by Woman on 20’s to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill include Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks who received votes by half of the voters in the Primary Round! Because of strong public sentiment that people should have the choice of a Native American to replace Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller, was added to the final ballot, the group notes on their website.

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