What women need to know before they have an abortion

A brochure that tells women seeking abortion what their rights are is being used by pro-life advocates across the country.

The Patient Rights Brochure created by Life Dynamics warns women not to let anyone perform an abortion unless they complete the document and provide the doctor’s name, malpractice insurance information, malpractice history and licensure status.

Patient Warnings abortion Life Dynamics

Since abortionists are the washouts of the medical profession, the reality is that not one single abortionist in the country will sign this form — and that plants a seed of doubt in the woman’s mind about the danger she could be putting herself in.


Since the brochure was released in 1997 and updated in 2011, pro-life counselors and pregnancy centers have ordered and successfully used thousands of these brochures.

Inside, women will be told:

Even life threatening abortion injuries are not always apparent at the time of the procedure” the brochure reads.

If you have any unusual physical problems in the weeks tat follow your abortion, seek medical attention immediately as you may be having complications from your abortion,” it states.

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This brochure, which also includes critical information on the abortion pill, is filled with additional information any woman seeking an abortion would need to know including a form she should require that the abortion clinic fills out before the procedure.

Over the years this brochure has been successful for three very simple reasons:

Abortion Disclosure Form Life Dynamics

And, that’s the very reason the Patient Rights Brochure works so well. When an abortion bound woman sees that the abortion clinic they are dealing with will not provide even this minimal amount of completely reasonable information, red flags go up. It shows them that something is not right here and that this is not like any other medical environment that they are familiar with.

Life Dynamics has been told that there have been times that abortion clinic staff have either torn up this brochure or refused to give it back to the patient. And some clinics have refused to proceed with the abortion after being presented with a Patient Right Brochure.

The result of all of this is that a significant number of these young women will start having second thoughts about their decision.

To order copies of this important brochure click here or contact Life Dynamics at their Denton, Texas office.

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